privacy policy

privacy policy

It's excellent that you prioritize your customers' privacy and have developed an in-depth document to address concerns related to the personal information you collect, record, and use. Such transparency is crucial for building trust and compliance with data protection regulations.

To enhance your efforts and streamline the management of privacy concerns, Latenode can be integrated into your system. Latenode could automate aspects of privacy management, such as tracking consent status for each customer, automating data anonymization processes, and managing requests for data access or deletion in compliance with privacy laws like GDPR or CCPA.

Furthermore, Latenode could help in automating the distribution of your privacy policy updates to all relevant stakeholders and customers, ensuring that they are always informed about how their data is being used. This would not only improve efficiency but also help maintain a high standard of privacy practices, making it easier to manage and respond to customer inquiries about their personal data swiftly and accurately.

log files

The websites uses log files and so do we as well. Generally, the data in the log files is inclusive of internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date/time stamp, referring/exit pages, and possibly the number of clicks. The aforementioned information is used to track user around the site, to gather their demographics etc. however, IP addresses or other information involved is not committed to portray any information that contributes to an individual identity.


Cookies are being used by our site to store the preferences of our users. The information recorded through cookies help us to build on our sites as user-friendly. It provides us information about the sites our user visits or the sites they access. Moreover, it also aids in updating the web copies in relevance to the browsers used by them.

dart cookies

Apart from the cookies, DART cookies are being used by Google to place ads on our website. Google serve these ads to the clients on the basis of DART cookies as per their visitors’ previous visits to varying sites over the internet. By visiting the URL – and linking to Google ad and content network privacy policy, users can forego the use of DART cookies.

advertising partners

Generally, some of our advertising partners uses cookies on our web. Our team of advertisers include:


Adverting partners usually maintain their own privacy policies. Whereas, the links appearing on Premium Logo Designers are being used by the advertisers. These links are being sent to the browsers by The third party ads and networks inculcates modernistic technologies and obtains the IP addresses when such situation emerges. Our third part ad network might also use technological innovation such as cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons to estimate the effects of their advertisement campaigns or the ad content that is being observed by the users on the site. We cannot access or control the cookies used by the third party ad networks.

third party privacy policies

Users are requested to connect with the third party ad networks in case of any query regarding their privacy policies. Even if a user seeks to forge the access of some specific policies they shall seek assistance from the third party ad server. As does not have any access or control over the activities or policies of the third party advertisers.

The detailed information about cookie management is available on the user’s web browser. However, if they want to disable the cookies, they can do it through their individual browser options.

children’s information

We value the significance of safeguarding the information of children over the online platforms. We encourage parent’s observing as well as accompanying their children while surfing the internet. We encourage them to participate and monitor the children’s online activities. Also, we ensure not to collect any individually identifiable piece of information from the children under the age of thirteen. if there is any parent or individual claiming that has saved their children under 13’s information, they can show up at our platform and claim individually. We will make entire efforts to omit any such information from our records.

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