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Benefits And Importance Of Facebook Marketing

Have you tried everything to market your product but you are yet to get a desirable increase in your sales? If you haven’t tried Facebook marketing, then you are in for a treat. Facebook has the largest traffic in terms of engagements than any other platform. In case if you don’t know much about the importance of Facebook as a marketing platform, you can consult the Best SEO Agency and get relieved now.

Here are some benefits of Facebook marketing

These benefits are going to show you the importance of Facebook as a marketing platform and not just a social network.

Global Audience

Facebook is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Around 1.37 billion people visit Facebook daily with increasing numbers which is the largest for any app. You can endorse your brand through different means like pages, groups, or ads. You can introduce a poll and conduct surveys for market research with minimum cost.

Affordable marketing expense

Pages and groups with a high number of followers can also post your ad with a minimal charge. If you yourself start a Facebook page or group and start posting, you can increase the engagement and you can market your brand for free. You get a proper structure of all your spending on ads and how much it was effective. You can easily pay Facebook through online payments which are hassle-free. The huge number of interactions and engagement is available at a really cheap cost which is quite affordable for everyone.

Target new and existing customers

Through Facebook, you can segment your market and only target potential customers. Like for example, if you are a milk manufacturer, you can target your audience according to your needs. Ads for Powdered milk for kids could be targeted to women of age group 20 or above. And normal milk could have a target audience of men and women from age 22 or above as they are the ones who mostly purchase milk.

In this way, your marketing cost could be minimized and ads could only reach people who have something to do with it. This option is only provided by Facebook as compared to other social media networks. You can fix a schedule that is well suited for your brand and suits the timings of heavy traffic where there can be maximum engagement. Facebook’s flexibility is what makes it better than other platforms. Your ads will be shown to users while they are browsing or watching a video.

Brand loyalty

If anyone has any issues regarding your brand, he or she can message you on Facebook and you can solve the query and increase brand loyalty. You can create brand loyalty by increasing your response rate. Around 71% of customers feel great if they are responded quickly. 15% of people even unfollow the brand if the response rate is slow. You can also increase brand loyalty by asking the customers about how they felt after using their product and what they could do to make their experience better.

Increasing web traffic

The web traffic is increasing as Facebook has recently acquired WhatsApp and Instagram which increases the traffic. You can link your Facebook and Instagram pages together and post your ads together. If a user once searched about a product that you sell, the user will automatically receive your ad, if you have paid for the ad subscription. This can be a path to get more customers. And if someone likes your page, they start receiving updates in form of notifications and are directed back towards your page.

On Facebook can also display your brand logo and your mission statement in its bio. You can add captions and display them on the user’s page which can remind you of your brand. By posting everyday details of your brand, you can increase the bonding between the user and your brand. Every user spends on average 50 minutes on Facebook browsing through their news feed while many ads are visible to them.

Information of all the engagements

Every Facebook page or group keeps track of every insight on your page. They keep records of any activity or engagement of new audiences and show you in form of stats and number patterns. You can also keep track of your competitors’ changes in tactics and strategic posts on Facebook. You can also use Google analytics for more information like the number of visits per day, percentage of males or female interactions, location of the visitor, and much other information which could be of great use.

You can interact with your audience and have a one on one conversation and make them feel a sense of belongingness. If anyone has any issues regarding your brand, he or she can message you on Facebook and you can solve the query and increase brand loyalty.

Facebook marketing has many more positive attributes which makes it a great marketing technique. It has even more access to users after it has taken control over WhatsApp and Instagram which makes the number of audience increase exponentially and opens up new ways of promotions. If you are still unaware of what should be done and how to perfectly establish the strategy on Facebook, you can hire from the Best SEO Agency and they will handle everything you need. So don’t wait up and contact us if you really want to grow your business globally and get more customers.

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