Best Upsells Designers Can Offer in 2021

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Best Upsells Designers Can Offer in 2021

The field of logo designing is a fantastic place to work! Brimming with colors, designs and vigor, and subsequent pleasure. It is challenging, yet offers an unending satisfaction when your client gives you a thumbs up. You may be assigned new tasks every few days, and once you’ve completed them, you give them to the customer and move on to the next. It is possible that a customer will request a couple of design revisions, but this is unlikely if you are a master of your expertise. Finally, meeting the client’s requirements and delivering the product is extremely gratifying for freelance designers and logo design companies alike.

However, if your design and delivery procedure merely comprises of sending the client a logo, it suggests you are only interested in a one-time relationship with them. This means that you just deal with each client once, and don’t offer upsells. If you do that, then you run the danger of losing a lot of potential business offers by jumping to the next client immediately away.

That is why we will explain why upsells are important. Plus, how you can grant them to your clients and make them come back for more projects.

What Does Upselling Services Mean?

Upselling refers to persuading a client to sign up for extra services beyond the one for which you were employed. These extra services aren’t simply any extra services; they’re services that are tied to the original service offering. For example, if you are hired to create a logo for a new startup business, you can expect them to need more materials shortly.

Once your clients are satisfied with their logo design. They often demand stuff like letterheads, business cards, photos for social media, and possibly even websites or apps. If you showcase these services to the client, they will be aware that you offer them. If you can persuade them to sign up for them at the outset, you will have retained that client for a longer period of time and for more business. With that, they won’t be shifting to your competitor for these options when they know you offer them way better than the former.

How to Sell Upsells?

When it comes to upselling their services, some people are rather pushy. This is not the way to go. You can upsell using a flyer, a simple memo, brochure, or even a well-designed email. Anything that isn’t too annoying and that informs the client that you provide additional services in addition to the one for which they hired you. That will do great!

Not only that, but you may also have a one-on-one meeting with the client to assist them in exploring new services for their company. Upselling is important in today’s business, no matter what you do. Let’s look at some of the upsells that great logo designers can provide to their clientele.

Some Upsells Offered In Logo Designing

Logo Variations

Logo variations are one of the easiest upsells to provide. Once your customer has agreed on the final logo design. They may require a few minor changes to ensure that it works in all situations. While every good logo should be able to operate in any situation. Yet even the finest logos require assistance from time to time.

Whether your customer needs an icon version of a larger logo or simply a grayscale or Pantone version you created. We reckon variations are a great way to earn a little additional money on each project.

Style Guides

The style or usage guide is another tempting add-on to your logo design job. If you’re creating a logo for a large corporation, using a style guide is a wonderful alternative. To go with your logo, you can develop a huge style guide.

It could be a one- or two-page style guide. The advantage of developing a style guide, however, is that you can easily charge your customer an additional fee for the style guide you gave with the logo.

Recurring Work & Merch

The cornerstone of working as a creative for many freelancers and creative designers of all kinds is recurrent work. Knowing exactly how much you’ll make each month based on how many clients you keep can be really fulfilling. Plus this can help you sleep better at night, knowing you are earning your keep well.

However, the nature of logo design does not always lend itself to repeat business. Typically, after a logo is completed and final files are sent, that client’s revenue is over—at least for the time being. Until they require another logo and that seldom happens. That means you’ll have to get inventive in order to include recurring revenue into your business plan.

Consider what services your clients could need on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis—a yearly basis. For instance what if, you were the official corporate representative every time a client needed fresh business cards printed? Or even new merches like coffee mugs, stationery, t-shirts, etc.? Being a well-informed middleman is definitely a profitable business concept.

Print Design 

Print design materials are one of the most important upsell ideas for a logo designer. We’re referring to letterhead, business cards, marketing merchandise material, signs, and much more when I say printing material. Remember that creating a logo for a customer is simply the beginning of their journey.

The printing of the logo is the following step, which required some suitable materials, to begin with. Since logo creation is a great source of passive revenue for graphic designers, you must do it well. Make an attempt to conduct the printing yourself. If not, hire someone else and share the profits with them. Another upsell idea that logo designers should be mindful of is this one.

Social Images

It goes without saying that social media has dramatically changed the way we design and think about logos. And few firms nowadays do not have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc. that all need to be changed with their new logo.

As a logo designer, offer to not only provide them with the sizes they require for an additional price, but also to upload the new logos and ensure they look amazing on their social media accounts. And keep in mind that this is something you could simply outsource to an assistant with whom you would split the extra revenue.

Additional Rights

Keep in mind that you own 100% of the work you’ve done for your client. It’s your intellectual property, so take care of it. Even if your client has paid you for the work, you still have creative control over it. Upselling your customer on more copyright can be a great idea depending on whatever conditions the contract between you and your client has been drafted under.

This strategy is way beyond the scope of this list. However, for starters, you can look into “work for hire” contract clauses and how they affect creative work ownership. Then, consider which additional rights you want to keep and/or sell to your client as an upsell.


We hope this blog gave you some ideas on which upsells you can include in your design packages. With that, you can retain your customers for a longer period for business and establish brand loyalty. Be it freelance designers or logo design companies, it is crucial your clientele stays hooked to your business.

However, be mindful, as simply providing services is not the answer. Every service you provide a client must be of the highest quality that the client expects from you. That is, regardless of how many services you believe you can supply, only upsell those services for which you are confident will provide high-quality work.

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