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10 Common Types of Fonts All Designers Should Know

Designers have a huge responsibility on their hands. They are expected to create and communicate a particular brand’s vision. Before technology was rampant, designing was relatively easy. However, with the growth of technology and competition, the task has become stressful. Now, designers have to factor in a range of things before beginning to curate a particular content for businesses. With competition, there is one silver lining that is appreciable. The demand for graphic designing has increased tenfold. Companies are on the lookout, searching, web design near me. They are well aware of the potential of a well-crafted post.

Today, a graphic designer must have all the right tools, both practically and knowledge-wise. Since your job is to influence and persuade people, it is crucial that you have an understanding of basic human psychology. What do we mean by that? Well, there are certain things that attract the human eye. Designing is all about aesthetics, and even the basic thing like fonts play a huge role in persuading an audience. Yes, you have heard that right. As you have probably read the title of this article, we are going to talk about the importance of fonts, why fonts play a huge role in designing, and what are the 10 common types of fonts all designers must know and have in their arsenal. So, let’s begin.

Why Fonts Are Important?

This goes out to all the designers; you need to understand the essence of graphic designing. Let’s ask a basic question. What are you trying to do with a graphically designed post? We can all agree that as designers we are trying to communicate, right? Communication is the essence of graphic designing, and as a graphic designer, you have to think like a communicator. There is a misconception that graphical representation shouldn’t include texts. In reality, typography plays a defining role in communicating the message you are trying to communicate.

Texts are the only thing that would efficiently communicate the information. People who are going to see your posts will need to have some typographic information along with a strong visual presentation. Balance is the key, and fonts can be that balance you are missing in your content. Now, the real question is, what type of font should a designer use? There are millions of fonts available on the internet, some free while others come at a cost. Fonts are like clothes that you wear according to the occasion. All you have to know is what to wear on which occasion, and that is it. We have included a top 10 common type of fonts that all designers should know. Read the article to the end.

1) Helvetica

If you are a graphic designer and you haven’t heard of the Helvetica font, you are doing something wrong. Helvetica is probably one of the most popular, if not the most popular font used by graphic designers around the world, and for a good reason. Fonts are often categorized and used based on their appearance and readability. Helvetica nails it when it comes to simplicity and class. This font is easily readable in bold and italics. So, if you are a designer who likes to keep things decent, Helvetica is the right choice for you.

2) Trajan

Trajan is another font that is popular in the designing industry for all the right reasons. It is said that this font represents authority and the structure of power. Whenever such a situation comes when a designer needs to represent power in a content, Trajan can deliver. The main use of this font can be found in Hollywood classics, law, religion, society, or marriage. Every font has its history and can be used effectively to embody that essence. Similarly, Trajan is used by many top professional designers when communicating something powerful.

3) F37 Bella

When it comes to aesthetics, F37 Bella takes the charge. Hailed as one of the popular display fonts, F37 Bella is used to signifying the textual information available on a particular graphical representation. This font is larger than 14 pts and is used to ‘headline’ things. When we talk about headlines, it is evident that we are talking about something that is great for holding attention. So, if you are a designer who wants to grab the attention of your reader, F37 Bella is a great choice. the only thing that can be a problem for designers is that this font is not free. However, great things come at a price, and there is no price that beats this font’s class.

4) Jovial

Sometimes you don’t need a decent or simple font, sometimes you need something that is raw and real. If that is the case with you, allow us to introduce you to Jovial, a handcrafted typeface that is sure to give you the raw organic feel. Jovial is a great choice for those designers who are looking to embody a quirky feel.

5) Modern Sans

Sans has a rich history in typographic fonts. If you are a designer, you are well aware of the sans family. However, modern sans is an inspired version of the previous sans font. The great part about this font is that it exudes class, and can be striking as well in bold. This special versatility has enabled this font to be on our list of top 10 fonts. If you are tasked with curating content that is classy and sleek, Modern Sans is the one for you. Read more about this font online and incorporate it in your graphic designing projects.

6) Shania

As a graphic designer, you must have a font for every occasion and situation. Shania is a calligraphic font that has a natural flow to it. Its elegance and free flow vibe are great for the usage of merry occasions. So, if you are tasked with creating a stellar wedding invitation, Shania can provide what you are looking for. A designer must have all the necessary fonts in their arsenal, and Shania is a must-have font.

7) Bickham Script Pro

Designed and programmed by Adobe in 1989, this calligraphic font is another popular font used by designers for aesthetically pleasing content. Even though Bickham Script Pro is calligraphic, it is easy to read and can be incorporated perfectly. Its beautiful presence has won the hearts of many font critics and is used by many designers. So, if you are an up-and-coming graphic designer, have this font in your bag.

8) Bodoni

When it comes to fonts, the opportunities for creativity are endless. Typography has a rich history in many areas, one of which is in logo designing. Bodoni is one of those fonts that can be easily be incorporated into a logo designing project. So, if you are a designer who is currently working on a logo project, you should definitely check out the Bodoni font.

9) Gotham

Even though Gotham enjoyed its reign in the typographic world, this font is still a must-have for all the designers out there. Its modern sleek decent design is great for a range of uses. The bold font is popular among designers and for a good reason. Include this font in your arsenal if you are a graphic designer.

10) Bernier

If you are someone who is looking for a vintage feel, Bernier is a great choice for you. The best part about this font is that it is free and designers can easily incorporate it into their projects. As a designer, you should have all the right fonts in your bag. Companies are constantly searching, web design near me services, and as a graphic designer, you can get yourself the bag you are looking for.

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