10 Easy Steps to Create Animated Videos for Business

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10 Easy Steps to Create Animated Videos for Business

In a world where the average attention span is less than 3 seconds, it is difficult to make a viewer stick to your business front for a longer period. However, there are ways businesses are doing this for quite some time. You must have heard that a picture is better than a thousand words. That is why businesses these days seek professional online logo design services that make sure to incorporate animation in everything – from brand logos to brand stories to whatnot. It’s reasonable to say that if your company uses videos as part of its marketing plan, you’ll see fantastic ROI-driven results.

The process of animating videos may be easy or difficult, depending on how much effort and money you choose to put into animation. Also if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, a fast how-to-produce animated videos search might leave you to feel a bit flabbergasted. That is exactly why we compiled a few tricks to help you get incorporate animation into your business and enliven things up for your viewers.

It All Begins with the Core Idea

Any animated video you create will have one or more major themes that you wish to communicate to your audience. The difficulty is in distilling the core concept into a simple and brief story that will attract your audience. However, you need not be concerned since we will take things slowly. First and foremost, ensure that your story contains the core idea of your brand. 

You can start with questions like what is the message I want to give my audience, or what does my brand stand for. How should I market that message using animation? These questions will help you determine what you actually want to integrate in your video. Such so, you can directly come on to the next step without wandering aimlessly while you ponder about how far-fetched video animation is for your business. 

The Hooker, the Patty & the CTA

For every brand story, there are three components: the hook, the patty, and the CTA. The hooker is the most crucial section of the script. It will run during the first 8-10 seconds of a one-minute video. It will influence whether your viewers stay or go. You should provide them with a compelling reason to become hooked. 

The patty is the focal point of your animation film since it is the primary body. This is the part of your video where you get to the meat of it. Make sure it meets up to the promise you made in your hook. When the hook and patty don’t line up, many individuals make the mistake of destroying their video. Then there’s your CTA, which is the final portion of your film. If your hook and content are strong, many readers will make it to the CTA section. This is the time where you urge them to act. These techniques have allowed our films to easily outperform all of our competitors’ videos. We are confident that it will help you accomplish the same.

Transform your Thoughts into Words

Your script is your animated video’s body and soul! A winning script requires a strong premise, coordination, and originality. The backbone of your video, a screenplay, may make or destroy your efforts, so be careful about that portion! After you have chosen the theme of the video, start to draw out the screenplay step by step, begin with a shocking start, and end with a strong conclusion.

Make sure to speak in a kind and personable manner. You’re attempting to win over consumers as a professional business, and the best way to do it is with a courteous and accessible tone. 

Stay Simple!

Keep it brief and to the point. No one wants to see a video that drags on and on without a spark or charm. Most people like to watch videos that last no more than a minute or a minute and a half, according to studies. To create the most effective, keep your video under a minute long and strive to communicate more with fewer words!

Also, instead of being sale-sy, use a problem-solving perspective. Telling people how wonderful you are again and over might really turn them off. Use your video to throw light on a frequent problem that your target audience is likely to experience, then explain how to remedy it and give a simple and straightforward solution. Last but not the least, make sure to add a CTA at the end of your video and ask for viewer feedback.

Make Storyboards

A storyboard is an important part of any animation video production. It will offer your potential customers and investors to become decision-makers when it comes to your business. Since it presents a sense of how your finished video will appear before you begin working on it. For novices, developing a storyboard will aid in determining whether or not the premise of your video will be successful. It will allow you to fine-tune your images and screenplay to produce the most engaging animation video imaginable. A storyboard is similar to a comic strip for your animation video, and its goal is to assist structure your video scene by scene. 

You can use the rectangular boxes to represent scenes in order, and the smaller boxes below to mark any dialogue or activities. The smaller box may be utilized to design your video’s animations and camera angles. Online storyboarding tools can also be used. If your drawing abilities are subpar, creating storyboards in the traditional manner might seem cluttered. For this reason, applications such as Powtoon, Moovly, Renderforest, Animaker, and others exist. Despite the fact that they are often full-fledged animation tools, their simple drag-and-drop interface makes constructing a storyboard a snap.

Animating the Storyboards Via 

With so many possibilities, deciding how to animate your video may be difficult. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages. This choice is excellent for your company if you intend to create a series of animation videos and have a large marketing budget. To begin, you’ll need a team of scriptwriters, animators, and voice-over artists.

Then you’ll have to provide them access to the appropriate equipment and software. While it is a one-time purchase, it may easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, the quality and duration of each animation film will be entirely decided by your in-house team’s skills.

DIY Animation Tools

DIY applications are your best friend when you’re on a tight budget but still need a fantastic animation video. Yes! You are capable of doing the task on your own. No! You don’t have to watch YouTube “how-to” tutorials for complex software. 

All you’ll need is a computer or a Mac, as well as an internet connection. Create animation videos from the convenience of your computer browser by signing up for a DIY tool. With animation tools, your brand concept, and a little bit of creativity, we reckon you will do this splendidly! You can always seek inspiration from online designer portfolios.

Outsourcing your Videos

If you simply need a one-time animation video production, outsourcing is the way to go. The issue is about selecting the proper animation studio and how much they would charge for resurfaces. To begin, you’ll need to evaluate your project’s timeframe as well as the funds you have available. When it comes to outsourcing, the faster you need your video, the more money you have!

Add Background Music

It is like putting background music on the cakes to your video. There’s going to be something lacking without it! However, it might be challenging to locate the appropriate piece of music among millions of internet people. Then again, most music you’ve found online is not free of copyright. However, you just have someone to sue you for using their track without authorization!

Finally, Give Your Narrative!

We’ve arrived at the final stage of making an animated video. You’ve spent the entire time polishing your animation video in every way imaginable. You can either do a voice recording of yourself or edit it according to your taste or as the video requires. 

An even better idea would be to hire a professional voice-over artist to do your job for you! He/she will take care of the high and pitches and make your narrative interesting and response-inducing. But which is more potent? Telling your narrative in your own words or inserting lines and lines of text into your video? It is up to you to decide in the end.

Conclusion If you want to go for a DIY option, you may begin with simple tools and work your way up as your needs dictate. There are numerous tools to produce video online for your business, whether it is a cartoon video creator or a free animation maker. All in all, we think you can create just as much of an effect with a free animation creator as you can with a more expensive option. That is you can get some slick online logo design service. We urge you to use the latter alternative though since it is more feasible and professional. They can provide more ideas and alternatives that will enable you to get higher-quality animation.

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