9 tried and tested techniques for creating a logo design

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9 tried and tested techniques for creating a logo design

Ever wondered, why corporate goliaths get themselves a one-of-kind logo? The answer is pretty simple because they want to stay in your subconscious at all times. Whenever you what to buy a certain product, their logo pops up in your mind in the first instant. This shows how well they integrated their brand persona into their brand logo.

Designing logos that are immediately successful is pretty difficult for beginners but is not impossible. You can seek the help of professionals by assigning your logo creation to the best logo design company. You can even get help from freelance graphic designers. It is your choice and the performance of both sides entirely. However, while you let them handle your task for you, you should also some tried and tested some logo designing tips. Such so that you can get your point across in a better manner. This way, you would know what they are doing.

We have compiled 9 tips that are sure to make your brand logo a successful one. So how about you look into what has in store?

Grasp why you need a Logo?

Your logo should convey your mission and vision. For that, it needs to revolve around the business model you created prior to launching your brand in the market. After you successfully devise a profitable company model. Only then you can move on to the following stage – that is to choose how you will reach out to your target market. If your business model or a brand narrative is not intact, it will be difficult to design a logo, let alone get a successful one.

How would it define your Brand?

Your log is the window to your brand narrative. When your target audience glances at your brand logo, it should instantly get what you are offering. When they look at you they would know that they are seeing the personification of quality and trust. From the core brand values to everything that comes under the hood of your brand is showcased by your brand logo.

This is exactly why you need to put in a bit of an effort when it comes to logo designing. Your logo should have its very own distinctive traits that would not only separate it from the competition. Rather, it would entice the viewers to see what you are offering them. It should mold according to your brand persona and show YOU in through itself.

Get Inspiration for your Logo

Have you ever wondered why certain businesses like Apple, Microsoft, and the like dominate our world? They are at the top because they are well-versed in branding tactics. They know their branding plan well – beginning with exceptional products and logos. When you follow their example, you must determine which type of logo would be appropriate for the product/service you offer.

We reckon it best to be on a hunt for new ideas and ways to improve as there is always room for improvement. You can discuss this with your designer, your family, and friends. Inspiration is all around you – even in the simplest of things. All you need to do is look harder.

What does your Audience Expect?

This is the part where you start researching. While you do that we think there are other ways you can achieve your goal. Say, there’s nothing wrong with a little borrowing when you’re looking for ideas, right?

We think that there is no better method to learn about public behavior than to look into your competitors’ strategies. What do they use to capture the attention of their target demographics? Examine the trends they are following. This will assist you in determining what is most sought after and how can you use it to your benefit. With that, you can start brainstorming ideas you can use to get even better results.

What Type of Logo is the Best?

Due to their capacity to create a grand brand story through color, forms, and exact wording, famous corporate logos have become iconic over time. Designers from all around the world have mastered the art of telling their stories in a single visual piece. When it comes to your logo, you need to see which type goes well with your brand.

Frequently designers are avoiding fads in favor of classic styles. From typographic to animated. From iconic to 3Ds. From illustrated to animated to pictorial to abstract logo designs, there is something for everyone. You can choose from a wide range of logo designs depending on your marketing message.

Work on Font Psychology

When it comes to getting your logo, typography is the first and most significant component that makes your design or work stand out. If you want your logo to become really powerful, then you need to check out the typography you are going to include.

For example, if your brand is selling sports drinks, then you can use sans serif font or another one that is big and bold. You can even combine different logo fonts with each other so that you get a unique logo in the end.

Put Color Psychology to Test

Color Psychology is used to exact certain responses from your target demographics. The moment you hear the word “color”, you feel enlivened because that is exactly what they do. You can check out various color schemes. For example, you are a psychologist who is offering therapy sessions, then your logo should have a therapeutic effect. It should avoid using triggering colors like red, orange, and the like. Instead, it should start with lighter hues of blue, green – colors that have a soothing effect on the eyes and subsequently on the viewer’s mind.

Your logo’s color scheme may appear wonderful against the color of the canvas on which it was created, but it will eventually be used on backgrounds that aren’t the same as the one you started with. Always have color choices for both dark and light backgrounds in your logo. All you need to do may be change the font color. You may also need to modify the color of your complete logo in some circumstances. Make a copy of each option so you’re ready to order promotional items with your brand on them like t-shirts, mugs, stationery, etc.

Make Your Logos Scalable

One of the most important features of every logo is its scalability. Imagine this, you have got a great logo. It etches out your brand personality and tells your brand narrative. Think of it like this. Would your logo look good on different surfaces? For example, if you want to post it on a billboard or print it on a T-shirt, will it work out fine? This is where you check the scalability of your logo.

Both your logo design and typography should be greatly visible and readable when displayed on different surfaces. Your logo should appear crystal clear on surfaces as small as a badge or a ball pen. The colors should stand out in various backgrounds too. Once you accomplish this, your logo will turn out great and will get more viewers to your brand.

Make use of White Space

Another useful tip for creating a great logo design is to make sure it looks good in both black and white. A logo can appear without colors in a variety of situations. It can be found on faxed paper and documents, stationery, newspaper advertisements, and a variety of other products.

A newspaper ad, for example, is usually in black and white. This implies that your logo should leave a lasting impact on ad viewers. One of the secrets to creating logos that look excellent in black and white is to make sure they look fantastic while drawing. Don’t rely on colors when drawing a pencil sketch. Many designers believe that by adding color to the logo, it would become more impressive. However, you can bet on a black and white logo just the same, if you use white space properly.


If you’ve ever dealt with a skilled designer, you know that they never just give you one option. Try a few different logos and get feedback from your family, friends, even colleagues, and communities that can help. You need to see which logo seems the most appropriate for your company. Hence it is time to select a design from the best logo design company. Let them start at once you figure out what your brand is, and what does it need. What designs or images do you enjoy, and most importantly what traits do your customers want. If you like you can even do a little logo design contest. Since that will provide you with a plethora of possibilities.

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