Seven Things You Can Implement To Make An Awesome Custom Website Design

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Seven Things You Can Implement To Make An Awesome Custom Website Design

With the ever-advancing technology, we have seen a drastic shift from traditional to offline marketing strategies. It is no wonder how the number of websites is growing in tandem with the number of brands. From small start-up businesses to entrepreneurs. Everyone, from freelancers to large corporations, wants customized websites hand-tailored to their specific niches.

Although developing a website that generates conversions is not exactly a piece of cake. However, it is neither impossible nor rocket science to create a conversion-focused website that boosts sales. With some important details as well as professional web development services, we reckon you will get a great and well-functioning website that will not only impress your visitors. Rather, it will have all it takes to pique the viewer interest and turn them into a customer.

We got some great tricks up our sleeve that will aid you in making an awesome custom web design. So, let us begin at once!

First Outlook of your Website

Define your Purpose

You should let your viewers know right away what you are standing for, what’s your purpose and how can you satisfy your clients’ needs. Make sure your homepage banner and other subsequent headers are visual demonstrations of your services. Add a text blurb near the top of the page that describes who you are and what you do as well.

Additionally, make sure that the “About Us” page links are easily accessible. It is better to include them in your main and footer navigation menus. So that people can click them to learn more about what your brand has in store for them.

Make Your Website Visually-Driven

If you truly want to increase the number of people who visit your website online? You must design a website that is both attractive and entertaining. You must understand that it is not possible to achieve solely through the use of text. Your webpage must contain both images and videos. Ensure that all images, gifs, clips, and videos are in high definition.

Include the ones that are the most colorful. Low-resolution photos and videos were once popular because they helped the page load faster, which is undeniable. In today’s world, however, you can’t make the same claim. Since it has become a feature, it may give the impression that your page is buggy – even if it isn’t. Isn’t that completely depressing? As a result, you must now provide high-resolution, well-defined infographics. All of these little extras will dramatically improve the look of your website.

Speedy Navigation 

It all comes down to two things when it comes to a great user experience: speed and navigation. First and foremost, Speed Buffers are strictly prohibited! One of the reasons why people leave websites is because of this. The average website about two seconds to load. If yours, on the other hand, takes longer than two seconds to load during a transaction, for example. Then your potential customers are likely to abandon their shopping carts right away and look out for better options. As a result, you’ll have one fewer customer than when you started. So, before you do anything else, work on improving the speed of your website—there are even tools to help!

Next, you must concentrate on developing a user-friendly website navigation system. Nothing beats being simple and stylish for this purpose. Viewers will be able to move around your website more easily if the navigation is simple. They can easily buy items by scrolling or swiping. In addition, you must give your products appropriate descriptions. If you run an online thrift store, for example, your products may include rugs. Then the product should include a description of the color and type of fiber used etc.

Integrate your SEO Strategy 

You’ve got everything you need: a strong marketing strategy, demographic research, and top-notch products or services. Still, something is missing that keeps viewers from becoming customers. You must keep track of your website’s data, such as the number of leads generated and the concentration levels of the conversion funnel.

This is one of the more technical aspects of the project. Solicit the addition of SEO Plugin tools from your web developer to maintain, refresh, and optimize your data. Use Google PageSpeed Insight, MonsterInsights, Google Search Console, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, SEMRush, and other similar tools to keep your conversion rate high. You’ll learn how to strengthen your strengths while filling in the gaps on your website.

Great Adaptability

Your website should be flawlessly adaptable to a variety of device screens. In recent years, more people have started to use their mobile phones and tablets to browse the internet. Many websites now have a mobile-friendly or responsive design as a result of this.

This is also why Google began penalizing non-mobile-friendly websites and relegating non-mobile-friendly pages to the bottom of search results. So, if you have a website, you should make sure that it is running smoothly on various devices. Most websites are likely to have already created a responsive version. Now is the time to start if you haven’t already. A responsive design for your website will greatly benefit your brand.

Use your CTAs Wisely

When your visitors arrive on your site usually through your blog or landing page, you must direct them to areas that will help them convert. People procrastinate a lot. Hence, make this as simple as possible for them. So that they don’t have to struggle to find what they’re looking for, point them in the right direction. You can do that with your call-to-action – CTAs.

Using strategically placed call-to-actions in areas like the top right of your navigation, below sections that require action works great. Even at the bottom of your website pages is one of the best ways to improve your web design with this in mind. Try to highlight your CTAs in bold letters and action-inducing colors like red and try to replace generic terms with ones that prompt instant action.

Use your CTAs, don’t forget about your consumer’s behavior. It’s easy to bombard users with bottom-of-the-funnel – BOFU call-to-actions everywhere they go on your website. However, if they’re not ready to buy, they’ll likely take no action at all. Rather, you should meet your user where they are on the page they are on. If they are on a website learning about back cushions, for example, they are most likely still learning and becoming aware of what they should get. Give them a link to a blog having a comprehensive guide on back cushions instead of a “Get Yours Now!” call-to-action. This is more likely to add to your advantage.

Put your Website to Test

Instead of being static, your website should be a living, evolving part of your business. There is always room for improvement in the future. Improving certain aspects of your website can help you increase conversions, time on page, and pages per session. However, figuring out which solution is best for you is the difficult part. A/B testing comes into play here.

By comparing two different versions of a page, you can see if any areas are causing problems for your users. Your pages may be performing well in some cases, but the information on them is out of date. A/B testing the page can reveal how much of an impact the content has on the length of a session or even the likelihood of co-registration. You can even check the design and color change your website requires through this.


When a visitor arrives on your page, you have exactly 5 seconds to turn them away. Because the average user’s attention span is only seven seconds or less. There isn’t much time to dazzle someone in that amount of time. Hence you need to incorporate all the necessary elements in your brand website to make it work as a conversion generator.

We believe you can achieve that, all the more efficiently if you seek some great web development services. These tricks can help you explain your motive better to your web developer, who can then include everything according to your brand requirement. With that, you can successfully run your website and get loads of conversions.

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