6 Logo Design Trends for 2021

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6 Logo Design Trends for 2021

With the onset of 2021, the spread of COVID-19, and its consequent anxieties, there is at least one thing to be cheerful about for businesses. Yes, that is the new logo trend. These vibrant beauties are taking the business world by storm. From wild colors to smooth streaked hues, from bold typographies to soft curvy fonts. From 2D shapes to 3D graphics and animations. There is a lot of creativity and imagination involved on the part of designers. They have experimented with classic and modern styles alike to create several entirely new logo concepts.

With logo designers pushing their boundaries to the maximum level, we reckon you should too by getting some super neat logo designing services. Both freelancers and design agencies can revamp your brand logo according to the latest trends. With that, you can flaunt your brand’s persona and your products in a new, improved, and attention-catchy style.

We have compiled what we believe are the coolest logo design trends circulating in 2021. We suggest you check them out and see which fits your brand best.

Minimalistic Logos

This style’s popularity stems from its originality and versatility. There are many forms and colors in some design directions. Only a few pieces are required for minimalism to work. The basic guideline of this design is that the fewer the elements, the better. With a few words and simple shapes, logo designers create minimal logos. Minimal logos have a light appearance and are ideal for use on websites and apps. Marketers will find it simple to use. Clean and easy-to-read marketing efforts are constantly in style.

Some logo instructions may be difficult to comprehend because of their low readability. There are no such issues with minimalism. For several tests, it performs admirably. Minimal logos are easy to recall due to the simplicity of their design. Some logo instructions may be difficult to comprehend because of their low readability. There are no such issues with minimalism. For several tests, it performs admirably. Minimal logos are easy to recall due to the simplicity of their design. Consumers will be able to recognize you quickly.

Geometric Shapes

We have seen that in 2021, logos are being defined by their use of clean, uncomplicated shapes. Even though it is an uncluttered style, a range of bright geometric forms can be used to create a lot. There are endless beautiful forms to be created here, from stacking and creating unique compositions to overlapping shapes and creating the appearance of dimension.

Simple but powerful geometric forms may be used to produce a memorable logo that is immediately recognizable by consumers, can be easily translated into a variety of sizes and mediums, and can even combine classic symbols in a modern fashion.

Deconstructed Letters

You can modify the entire word or just a single letter once you’ve decided what you want to portray in your logo. You can use the initial logo letter as a symbol or even a trademark if you change it. The beauty of deconstructed letter logos is that they allow you to incorporate creative features into your design.

Designers can give specific letter sections in different forms. As a result, the logo becomes a one-of-a-kind word with a few aesthetic furnishes. Consumers are affected psychologically by deconstructed letter logos. These logos are a perfect example of how a traditional logo is deconstructed. This is an excellent choice if you want to identify your brand with a specific emotion. It draws quick attention to your brand and makes it easily identifiable. People are attracted to your brand.

Static Motion

We know what you might be thinking right now – static motion, right? Sounds like an oxymoron. Well, you can say that and think about which viral logo you can associate it with. Yep, that’s right – TikTok! This is a type of logo. Even though a logo is often thought of as something static, yet in this one the images indicate motion, giving it a dynamic appearance.

This is ideal for companies that wish to indicate that they provide upward outcomes, are fast-paced. They can even be applied to brands like energy drinks for example. Since they are associated with something that requires physical activity, such as exercise. They are capable of producing a sense of progress that is hopefully reflected in your brand’s products and/or services.


The gradient is an excellent approach to stand out from the crowd if you’re updating your brand in 2021. You can keep the shapes from your brand design but apply a gradient to them. This is the quickest and most efficient method of updating your logo. Furthermore, the striking effect can be used in place of 3D logos. Yes, 3D logos are intriguing, but assets may not be appropriate for mobile or print. With the right designer changes, the gradient can mimic a 3D effect. Without the use of additional elements such as shadows, an astonishing 3D effect may be achieved.

Using two complementary hues is the best choice. It’s also possible to use three or even four colors to create a stunning modern brand identity. Using two complementary hues is the best choice. It’s also possible to use three or even four colors to produce a fantastic current brand vibe. Gradients are worth investigating if you want to keep your brand new and fresh in 2021.

Balanced Logos

Balanced logos give a calm and trustworthy influence on a brand when compared to prior styles. Use logos that are well balanced if you want your brand to elicit a mood. Apart from their construction, these logos are extremely rigid and follow a system. There are simple logos with few features and complicated logos with many shapes.

Composition and color balance are the general rules that both logo styles follow. A psychological influence is rare in a balanced logo. Instead, they exude a sense of realism. This strategy is well-balanced. This style is ideal for a well-known company with reliable goods or services. Marketers are more at ease while working with this style of design. Future design modifications are easy to forecast and expect. The logo is constantly in good condition.


You should be informed of upcoming trends if you plan to alter your brand in 2021. The brand update will be a straightforward process if you understand the power of each one. Designers can point you in any direction, but marketers can provide you with valuable marketing advice. Make sure you get the logo design services that combine both.

In your brand logo, you must display your brand persona and identity. Begin by identifying your brand’s objectives and then implementing trends that are a perfect match for them. You should get your logo design revamped as soon as you can.

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