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6 Logo Design Trends For 2021

Want to attract your target market? Well, follow the cool logo trends in 2021 and create an impression among your audience that never wipes away!

The logo is more important than your brand name. It is not only an image stuck with your brand, it is an identity of your brand. The logo is the introduction of your company and creates a strong impression in the mind of the audience. Thus, a logo is necessary for any business either small, medium, or large-sized businesses because of its importance.

Either it is fashion, digital marketing, or logo designing, trends keep on changing from time to time. After deep investigation and research did by our custom logo design company, we have predicted the six logo designs that are and will be trendy throughout the year.

Let’s have a look at some popular logo designs and follow the trend to mark yourself updated and competitive like others!

6 Logo Design Trends For 2021

Every brand takes a start by giving it an identity. However, the trends keep on changing every year. If you are about to design a logo for your company, this article is best for you. The popular logo design trends are as follows;


Back in 2020, complicated and colorful logos used to be a trend. However, with the start of 2021, it has been observed that simple designs are now trending. Designers have started to drop complicated ideas and are focusing more on creating minimalist designs from brands to websites and packaging designs. Simple fonts and colors are used to keep the design simple yet, attractive. The theory behind is that we do not get attracted by complicated designs because it doesn’t give us any clear idea. Therefore, simple logos are constructed such as typographic logos, iconic logos, etc. Coco-Cola, Nike, Zaras, etc. are popular exams of simple logos.

Minimal logos due to their simplicity and attractive colors always remain fresh in the minds of the audience. You can also make your design attractive and simple by using a good color combination with a slight touch of gradient and by keeping the font simple. Thus, keeping the logo simple will play your brand game easily.

Incentive Typography

Another trend that has emerged in logo designing is typographic logos. Typographic logos are those logos that are text-based. These logos include the name of the brand along with some tagline of the brand (optional). Logo designers are using this style more with a clear emphasis on the brand name. Since the main objective of the Typographic logo is to focus on the brand, therefore, there is no room for extra creativity.

However, creativity is seen in the Wordmark of the logo. In few Typographic logos, the first letter is either made small or large than other letters just to give some creative touch with different color patterns and gradients. This helps in catching the attention of the readers and gives a traditional look of the brand. The Shoe Chop, Coca-Cola, Elaya Tea, etc., are the brands that have used typographic style for their brand identity.

Portraiture Logos

Portraiture logos is an interesting and trending style these days. In these types of logos, portraits are added to the logo. These portraits are used for building a strong connection of the audience with the brand. These type of logos are more recognizable and seems to be more powerful in creating a strong brand impression. Due to this reason, many brands are creating portraiture logos for their brand which helps them to reflect the diversity, motto, group of people, and much more.

In portraiture logos, the added portraits are mostly in the animated form. The animated and colorful portrait directly captures the attention of the public. A very common example of a portraiture logo is KFC. You all must have seen the portrait of Colonel Sanders in the log with the primary combination of red and white colors. In short, portraiture logos are popular as it tells the entire story of the brand with a single logo.


Monograms that were a trend now are popular in the market again. Monogram logos is such an amazing way to wrap up the purpose of the brand in the simplest way. These types of logos are a fusion of negative space along with stacked features and strong geometry. These three elements create a fantastic logo.

Gmail, Dolby, Conservative Netgen, Vecteezy, Chanel, Hp, and many more are popular examples of monogram logos. The traditional monogram logos are used to represent the starting initial of the person or brand. These are so effective that they help to remain conscious of humans for a long time. If you want to represent your brand name along with the icon to represent the purpose, the monogram logo is the perfect style to build a connection between the two elements.

Kooky Characters

You must be thinking that Kooky Characters must be a fascinating trend in logo designing. Well, you are thinking in the right direction! Kooky characters are a top trend in log designing and are used to give a touch of humor to the logo. Outlandish, spooky, wicked concepts are driven from kooky characters. This type of logo uses a colorful theme with some doodling style or whimsical pattern. So if you have an entertainment company, then choosing Kooky characters for your company logo will be perfect and will help in arousing excitement among the audience. Donut Dilemma, Midlift Crisis, Garlic Breath, etc. are common examples of this type of logos.

Color Variation

In 2020, color variation was trending in logo designing. However, this trend is still followed and is widely used by designers. A lot of brands are using a diverse range of colors in their logo to make it more attractive and catchy. The use of gradients is increased to give a soothing touch to the logos. Gradients usually have an emotional impact and give a natural impact on the objects.

Nowadays, 3D logos are also trending and that is done only with the help gradient application. The variation in different color shades gives the impact of 3D. You can see the logo of Euler Company that has used very cool shades of blue that makes it look 3D with a dark purple background So if you are thinking to create a 3D logo or want to give your logo a natural touch, applying gradients is a god solution. Even if you are planning to update your logo or revise it, playing with different colors can refresh your brand identity in a unique way.

If you want to be competitive then you should be well aware of the new trends and ideas. These were the six log design trends that are popular and rolling in the design world. So what are you waiting for? Grasp different ideas from the internet, choose any new style, and refresh your logo to make it trendy. If you need help in customizing your logo or want to refresh your old brand logo, then allow our take my online homework for me to create a unique and catchy logo for your brand and become trendy!

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