How to Think like a Logo Designer and Design the Perfect Logo

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How to Think like a Logo Designer and Design the Perfect Logo

For some, logos are the backbone of any company. For others, logos are just there to visually attract customers. If there is one thing everyone agrees on is that logos are an essential part of any organization. Take any big corporation, you probably remember them by their logos. For instance, if we were to say “four rings”, what company comes to mind? You are probably thinking about Audi, right? That’s how the logo works, and that is how they bear a crucial responsibility in any business. If you are a business owner looking for logo design online, I think we can definitely help you out.

Though, before we dive into the topic of logo designing, we need to first ask ourselves, is logo designing easy? Well, if you ask a graphic designer, they will tell you no. However, we are here to tell you otherwise. Look, if you ask any sensible person, they will tell you to go for a professional logo designer. The expertise and experience of a professional logo designer are unmatched, which is why they are expensive in the first place. However, if you are a business owner who is just starting their own business, there is one way you can carry out the process of logo designing if you are short on funds for a logo designer.

Be Your Own Logo Designer

It’s easier said than done, right? If you don’t have the capital to invest in a logo designer, the wise thing to do is design your company’s logo yourself. Granted that you are not educated in color psychology, design styles, and composition, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn about it, right? If you put your mind to it, you can definitely learn a lot, enough to craft your company’s own creative logo.

You can save a lot of money by taking up the mantle yourself. All you need to do is have an open mind and absorb as much information about logo designing as possible. The internet is filled with information ready for you to take in, otherwise, we are also here to guide you.

Put Yourself In a Logo Designer’s Shoes

The best way you can go about designing your company’s logo is by putting yourself in a logo designer’s shoes. What does it mean to be a logo designer? What separates a logo designer from the rest? How do logo designers look at a logo? These are fundamental questions one need to ask themselves before starting to work on a company’s logo. For a logo designer, logos are not brand images and a way for success, but they are a means of effective visual communication.

When a consumer sees a brand, they see identity, whereas, when a logo designer sees a logo, they see shapes and colors used to portray the message. So, if you want to put yourself in a logo designer’s shoes, you need to think like one. Erase the simplification and look beyond the plain picture. Go deep and understand the entire philosophy of a brand’s logo. Take Amazon as an example, the curve line is carefully put from A to Z, portraying that the platform has products ranging from A to Z. Furthermore, the curve line looks like a smile and denotes the experience of a happy customer.

The Big 3: Fonts, Colors, Shape

As a logo designer, you have to think about the big three of the logo equation. You need to make yourself well-versed in the fonts, colors, and shape department. Worry not, we are here to guide you throughout the process. Shapes and fonts are used to portray a brand’s persona. Colors are used effectively to target emotions. Yes, you have read that right. We perceive colors in a strange way. For instance, have you ever wondered why Facebook is blue and white and not black and yellow? It’s something to think about, right? Allow us to explain.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we say, I’m feeling blue? Something along the lines of sadness, right? or what if we say to you that mark is going red? You probably will think that mark is becoming angry. That’s how colors impact our thinking, and logo designers are well aware of this fact. They have mastered the art of color psychology and you need to do the same.

Every color has its own meaning in color psychology. Deciding on the color is crucial for your brand’s logo. Let’s have a look at some of the colors and their intended meaning in the color psychology dictionary.


First up, the dark mysterious black. Black depicts the night sky that is mysterious and full of things yet to explore. There is something attractive about mystery, isn’t it? Humans are curious beings, we spend our lives trying to explore the mysteries of the world. This instinct is well captured by the color black. Furthermore, black also denotes power, and many luxury brands use this color to show that they are unique to the competition.


Let’s talk about the color white, the opposite of black. White is synonymous with cleanliness and purity. Now, when you think about cleanliness and purity, what type of products come to mind? Beauty and health products, perhaps? For a business, white denotes that the product is clean and free from adulteration. So, if you are a business owner with a product that is synonymous with cleanness and purity, white is the color you should go for in your logo creation.


When there is a war going on between black and white, a pacifist grey can come in to ease things out. Grey donates calmness and reliability. Grey is the middle of both extremes, black and white. Take Apple’s logo as an example, its matte grey exudes calmness and reliability. Apple iPhones are reliable, which is why their consumers are so religious about them.


Yellow is the color of friendship, fun, and easy-going. If your business is centred around something that is light-hearted, yellow is the color for your company’s logo. Yellow is the color of sun, and sunny days are what we look forward to. Children or pet companies often use yellow as their color of expression.


Let’s talk about the passionate red color. Red is used to denote strong emotions, be it passion, excitement, happiness, or anger. Red is the color of passion, and can portray a great message for your company. For instance, if your company products are centered around something emotional or heat, red is the color for you. Almost all hot sauce brands have red in their logo.


Pink falls on the feminine side of the spectrum. So, it’s obvious that pink is a great choice for businesses whose services are centered around women as their consumers. If you are a business owner whose business’s target audience is women, Pink can do you good in more ways than one.


If you want your consumers to feel safe, brown is the color you should go for. Brown denotes reliability and can be used effectively to impart safeness. The ideas and visions for logo design online are endless, you just have to be willing to do your part in it.

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