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Top 10 Trending Logo Techniques For 2021

Are you a logo design maker? Check out the new and popular techniques of logo designing and become trendy!

Each year brings new trends in every domain. Either it is the fashion industry, food, marketing, or logo designing, trends keep on changing with time. A series of unique techniques have also set new and unique trends in logo designing. The shift from complicated patterns to simple and aesthetics designs, from colorful to black and white is rolling down the designing streets. To explore more techniques of logo designing trending in 2021, read our entire post and become a trending logo designer.

If you are a professional logo designer or a freelancer then this article is very important for you. Let’s have a quick look at what artistic top techniques are widely used in logo designing.

Top 10 Trending Logo Techniques For 2021

Simple Designs Instead Of Complex

Nowadays, one of the most common techniques which are usually present in every design is simplicity. Back in 2019 and 2020, complex designs were greatly used. However, this technique is now slowly getting discontinued by the designers, and now simple and aesthetic designs are preferred.

Simple designs with two or three colors in the designs are popular over fancy designs because of many reasons. Simple designs are recognizable and more attractive to general people. Simple and unique designs seem to remain for a longer time in the consciousness of the people. Coca-Cola, Nike, Intel, etc. are popular examples of simple designs.


A new technique that serves as a pumping source in the design is overlapping. The use of the overlapping technique is widely used by designers. The infusion and overlapping of colors, different text styles, and many others help in producing a unique logo design. Overlapping has opened a new gate of creativity in logo designing.

Negative Spacing

Logo Designers have chosen a new technique “negative spacing” to increase the level of creativity in their designs. It is a new technique that can help you in crafting an engaging and perplexing design that will allow you to turn your audience‘s head towards your designs. The questionable logo will make the audience decipher the real meaning behind it. It’s a new trend that has worked out for many businesses in attracting the audience.


Logo designers now have started to omit to create complicated designs and have and are focusing on keeping the thing simple and attractive. Minimal logos due to their simplicity and attractive colors always remain fresh in the minds of the audience. You can also make your design attractive and simple by using a good color combination with a slight touch of gradient and by keeping the font simple. Thus, keeping the logo simple will help in playing your brand game easily.


Gradients were not been used in previous years however, its use has become a new trend these days. The variation in a single object from a low tone to a high one creates a solid impact on the design. The perfect use of colors and their variations are the real gameplay when you design a logo. The gradients can even make your design look fantastic or on the other hand, can even ruin your design too. Thus, you can use this technique to give shine to your flat design. Remember, always use a gradient palette in a very careful manner.

Black And White

In-Town Black and white as a combination always make things beautiful and attractive. This appealing combination is back in trend in logo designing. Logo designers are widely using this combination with different layering structures either keeping the background black and design white or vice versa. You can use this theme and can make your design trending.

Mosaic Patterns

Patterns and different shapes have always been a part of designing but what is the new interesting thing in this? The mosaic patterns. These patterns are trending in the design and are used either in the background or in the form of a symbol or an icon. Mosaic patterns are trending, however, the design is quite difficult than other techniques because its size needs to be changed according to the device. Thus, if you use this technique in your design, make sure that it looks the same on every device.

3d Logos

3D technology is not only limited to cinemas but has also been incorporated as a technique in logo designing. This technique is widely used to give a touch of realism to the 2D logo. 3D logos are created with the help gradient application. The variation in different color shades gives the impact of 3D. You can see the logo of Euler Company that has used very cool shades of blue that makes it look 3D with a dark purple background.

So if you are thinking to create a 3D logo or want to give your logo a natural touch, applying gradients is a good solution. Even if you are planning to update your logo or revise it, playing with different colors can uniquely refresh your brand identity.

Bold Typography

Another trending technique in logo designing is bold typography. Such logos include the name of the brand along with some tagline of the brand (optional). Logo designers are using this style more with a clear emphasis on the brand name. Since the main objective of the Typographic logo is to focus on the brand, therefore, there is no room for extra creativity.

However, creativity is seen in the Wordmark of the logo. In few Typographic logos, the first letter is either made small or large than other letters just to give some creative touch with different color patterns and gradients. This helps in catching the attention of the readers and gives a traditional look of the brand. The Shoe Chop, Coca-Cola, Elaya Tea, etc., are the brands that have used typographic style for their brand identity.

Vibrant Designs

Vibrant designs are highly popular these days. The use of sharp colors with unique patterns and the variation of colors creates energy in the design. Using this technique helps in catching the eyes of the customers easily and creates a strong impression in their minds. However, the use of this technique involves the understanding of placing each element and having the idea that which element suits with other.

In short, if you want to make your brand long-lasting, make it energetic by using this technique and grab your audience’s attention.

These are the few logo design techniques that are widely used by logo designers. Lets’ see how many of these trends are going to continue and which of these will eventually die out with the passage of time. Till then, if you are a logo design maker, incorporate these techniques in your logo design and prove yourself as a top logo designer.

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