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How to Create a Custom Company Stamp With Your Logo

Stamps have always been a big part of the business ideology. If you want to customize the way you deal with your business, it is a good idea to get a customized company stamp made specifically. A stamp can help you improve your business impeccably; they are not as outdated as you may seem to believe. The possibilities are endless, you can get many different types of stamps. All you have to do is work within your budget and you will be good to go. However, if you are initiating a business, you must first hire a logo design expert to make your logo for you. Only if you have the logo will you be able to make a stamp. There are several uses for a stamp, let us discuss them before we get to create them.

Uses For Custom Company Stamps


Customized stationery is a great addition to the image of your brand. Stationary is used by companies for many different purposes. The stationary of a company is not just used by the company itself but the customers, the vendors, and many more. Since it is used widely, it is important for your brand to have stationary with your custom company stamp. This will help customers see your brand, what it is and that will in turn increase your publicity. You can even get the logo printed on the stationery items but that might cost you a lot of money. In the initial stages of the business, you might not have the funds required which is why stamping them on your own is a cheap and effective alternative.


Getting printed packaging is yet another luxury most small-level businesses cannot afford. However, to trademark your business dealings and exchanges, you must use customized packaging material. You need several items such as boxes, baskets, wrapping sheets, and much more. Paying for all of them can cause quite a dent in your pocket. If you want to look for a cheap option, stamping your logo is the way to go. All you need is a stamp, some sort of ink and that’s about it. It is not only cheap but an aesthetic option.

Business Cards

Did you recently get a logo redesigned? Well, if that’s the case then all your previously printed business cards are of no use to you now. However, you need business cards to keep your operations flowing. A logo stamp can come and save the day. All you need is blank cards and you will be able to design your business cards all on your own. You can get this done, in much cheaper as compared to printing out new business cards.

PR Packages

A comparatively newer publicity strategy involves sending PR packages to social media influencers, celebrities, and even to the general public as giveaways. Since this is indeed a marketing strategy, you can maximize its output by stamping your logo on your PR packages so that they can talk about you to a much larger audience.

Company Representation

The logo is the face of your company and if you are smart enough to make a stamp out of it, you brand will surely be the talk of the town in no time. A stamp is convenient and cheap therefore, there is an excessively high return on investment. You can get your company represented wherever and however, you want all with a mere stamp.

Brand Marketing

A stamp can take the form of an advertisement. Your brand can be featured in many different places all with the help of your brand. You do not have to spend bucket loads of money on advertisements and such if you are a small emerging business. All you need is a handy dandy stamp!

Importance Of Logo Stamps


There are many marketing strategies and new ones keep popping up. However, these strategies can be quite expensive. You might need complete teams to set a strategy and then act on the mentioned strategies. In such cases, many brands lack the opportunity to capitalize their marketing strategies. The main concern for businesses is to increase their recognition. What they fail to understand is that it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars just to make their brand name known to the public. A mere stamp can do it effectively. A logo stamp can be used to spread awareness about the brand without going through all the trouble of devising a marketing strategy.


There is a paradigm shift in the marketing strategy, now brands are focusing more on making their campaigns personalized. A logo stamp gives off the vibe that is personal. No machinery was involved to print out the logo but it was manually stamped on whatever the product your audience receives. This type of marketing is more favorable in today’s time.

Appealing To Online Audience

The online audience is not tired of bling and wants something that is more artistic. Nothing in the marketing world is more artistic than logo stamps. They are able to recognize your brand from afar and that’s just what your business needs.

Characteristics Of A Logo Stamp

Simplicity Is Appreciated

You must have heard the phrase that less is more. When making a stamp for your logo, do not go overboard. Even when you are hiring a logo design professional, you must ask them to stick to simplicity and come up with a design that does not confuse the audience. The simpler your design is the more it will be remembered by your audience. Audiences often overlook logo designs that are difficult to understand and soon they are forgotten. This is why it is important for your logo design to be simple and in turn the logo stamp.


Your design should be the perfect balance of space and design. Do not fill out every nook and cranny but leave some negative space as it helps add meaning to your design. If you are wise with your logo designing you will be able to include more aspects to your logo design. That can add the element of creativity to your design.

High-Quality Stamp

There are many stamps available out there that you can use but it is important for you to know which stamp will work best for you. Your stamp should not be blotchy as it will have negative effects on your business. Make sure it is made to perfection so that you do not confuse your audience.


When getting a stamp made, make sure that you take notice of the typing. Sometimes the typography of a logo makes more sense in print rather than on stamp. Considering this you must first make sure your design is not blurry when it is turned into a stamp otherwise you will defeat the entire purpose of making a stamp. Your stamp should be legible and for that be very careful when selecting the fonts.

All in all, you must know that a logo stamp can help you greatly with your business. Just be vigilant and inspect all designs before making a final decision. Hire our logo design expert today.

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