Big-Commerce Vs Woo-commerce: Which Platform is the best for E-commerce websites?

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Big-Commerce Vs Woo-commerce: Which Platform is the best for E-commerce websites?

E-commerce is a field that is growing at an alarmingly fast pace. It has revolutionized the way we shop, many small businesses are now looking for E-commerce solutions to help them take their business a step further. The front runners of E-commerce solutions are the most coveted platforms of BigCommerce and WooCommerce. These two giants are the most popular platforms out there, if you are a business that needs to make improvements in their business, you must make a decision between these two host platforms. Now the main question is how to make that decision? Which hosting site between the two is the best fit for you? To make the decision easier for you our web development services experts have provided an in-depth analysis for you to go through and make the decision on your own.

Let The Comparison Commence!

We will compare the two on the different aspects that you as a customer should be concerned about. Here are the aspects you should be thoughtful of:

1. Price

If you want to take this for a test drive, you can opt for BigCommerce as it offers a 15-day trail. Once you are done with the trial you can opt for any of the three options that they provide. The most popular package that they offer is the ‘Plus’ package. The different plans that they offer are with increasing facilities and operations. On the other hand WooCommerce is considered the best WordPress Plugin as you do not have to pay a single penny for its services.

2. User Interface

BigCommerce is very easy to access for customers. There is nothing you need to do to step it up. The interface is very easy to navigate and you can find all of its menu items easily on the side. Some customers also face bugs and have reported them to the concerned authorities. The feelings for BigCommerce are mixed. Users have argued that WooCommerce is more complicated as compared to BigCommerce. This platform is considered to be more suitable for people who have some sort of technical skills.

3. Themes Available

BigCommerce offers 12 different themes for free and then more than 100 themes that are paid. The paid themes range around $145 to $235. These prices are higher in comparison to other hosting services. On the contrary WooCommerce is like a WordPress Plugin so you can use the WordPress plugins for it. There is no limit to the themes that you can get for WooCommerce which makes it a lucrative option. In addition to variety you can also find many customizable options for your business.

4. Support

Since BigCommerce is a complete hosted platform, you can find amazing support with them. To get the support all you need to do is contact them using the dashboard and you will receive prompt assistance. They are available round the clock so you don’t have to worry about your queries being put on hold. They also provide you a guideline in case you need immediate assistance. WooCommerce is only limited to providing assistance with their WooCommerce Docs. They do not offer a great deal of personal support. However, they have a community system that can help you get the answers you are looking for. In this case BigCommerce takes the cake as it offers better support.

5. Inventory Management

It is very important for businesses to keep track of the inventory they have since you need to keep a check and balance. You might even need to make decisions depending on your inventory which is why you must be very cautious when looking for hosting that helps you manage your inventory. BigCommerce provides very strong inventory management services. If you choose them you would not have to worry about getting help from a third-party company. WooCommerce does not offer the expertise that BigCommerce does but they are good enough for minor tasks.

6. Payment Options

To make your payments it is important that you get great flexible payment options while selling your products and services to the customers all around the world. In this regard, Big Commerce and WooCommerce are highly useful. However, there lies a difference in between both of the system. If you choose BigCommerce you are allowed to choose from 65 pre-integrated payment gateways. This includes all the big names such as Pay Pal, Amazon etc. on the other WooCommerce allows you to get access of about 100 plus pre-integrated payment methods. Not only this, it also helps you to increase the conversion rates and even have its own website. it means that WooCommerce is the best option for payment methods.

7. Applications Offered

BigCommerce accompanies 800+ applications to help you add incredible highlights to your store. It sorts applications in numerous fundamental classifications. Some of which incorporate Analytics, Marketing and Payment as the most famous for buys.

Contrast with BigCommerce, WooCommerce gives considerably more and different module decisions to add more functionalities. The open-source stage benefits incredibly from WordPress so it gives you admittance to more than 55.000 free modules and a huge number of premium modules. The difference in between the plugins offered describes which platform is the best.

8. SEO Services

With BigCommerce you can easily perform all the essential SEO services such as meta description, URL slugs, keyword support, etc. By adding its applications you can easily improve your SEO performance. However, WooCommerce is the champion in SEO. It not only allows you to perform basic things but also allows you to triple your SEO efforts by offering you the premium version only for $89 a year.

Our web development services have conveyed all you require to think about picking between BigCommerce versus WooCommerce. Ideally now we have cleared your questions about which one would better suit your business. BigCommerce can assist you with developing yet without a doubt, eventually, it will cost you a lot to grow your business. Also, that is the point at which you can depend on WooCommerce to increase your business while keeping all out costs at a reasonable level.

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