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Most Useful Ecommerce Trends of 2021

The Ecommerce industry is growing rapidly and with growth comes evolution. Hence, the industry has been changing forever. The constant fluctuation and shifting trends demand high attention and a keen eye on trends as well. From changing trends of eCommerce website designing to the undergoing evolution in sales and consumer influence tactics, it is never the same every day. You might be looking at an eCommerce website today and feel like this is what your website needs to look like. However, the very next day when you visit that website, everything is entirely shifted to a new pattern. This is why Premium Logo Designers always go with the trends along with keeping in mind longevity and minimalism. Besides, USA web development trends keep changing and we are always there to let you know about it.

Today’s blog is another link in the chain to make our readers more aware of the market and ensure that they are well-read before beginning with anything new. So, we are going to explore what eCommerce trends are the most useful in 2021 and how can you use them for your own benefit.

Voice Search:

Voice search has been an innovation in almost all the industries for last few years. From google voice search to voice typing, users are now becoming more habitual of this new technology. Youtube and other major apps facilitate their users with technology too. Hence, it is no surprise that users are going to like voice search on eCommerce websites.

Smart speakers are a new innovative thing of 2021 and more homeowners now utilize them than ever before. A study by Loop Ventures suggests that more than 75% of homeowners are going to have smart speakers in their houses as late as 2025. Therefore, it becomes only a necessity for eCommerce websites to incorporate this new trend into their websites.

Remember that online shoppers prefer convenience over most things. Voice search is a convenience that saves them from a lot of trouble in daily tasks. Henceforth, this trend can boost your online shopping website to the best results.

Bring AR for Enhanced Business Opportunities:

With Augmented Reality, eCommerce has changed drastically. Customers can now preview the products and apply them to their own environment and setting before actually making a purchase. This brings them the best idea of how a certain product looks in a particular setting.

For instance, AR filters can help customers experience the product. Instagram and Snapchat filters are an example of AR and the same can be applied in eCommerce industries as well. Besides, virtual placement preview and try-on are really enhancing the eCommerce business. In virtual preview, customers can see the product in their rooms using AR for instance, and see if it matches with the other decor.

Learn About Shoppers Using AI:

Technology has revolutionized online shopping for the best outcomes. While in-store shopping has some benefits, the online shopping experience can be enhanced using Artificial Intelligence. On your eCommerce website, Artificial Intelligence is gathering data all the time from your visitors. This data subsequently, can be used to provide a better shopping experience to customers with various strategies.

Your AI collects data and processes it to guess what kind of product the customer likes. The AI then suggests stuff that he or she is particularly interested in. when customers keep seeing things that they like, your sales enhance. The trend has become mainstream already and is only getting to boost in the coming days, making AI the centripetal force in the eCommerce business.

Mobile Shopping and Responsiveness:

Millennials are known for many things and one of these things is excessive use of mobile. Statistics and various studies suggest that more than 70% of customers use eCommerce websites on their mobiles. Hence, this factor comes into play more than any other aspect when it comes to online shopping.

Having a website that doesn’t particularly provide consumers with an excellent mobile experience is likely to suffer in 2021. This is because you are already losing 73% of your customers because of an unresponsive website. Therefore, in this era of growing mobile shopping, you must care for the responsiveness of your mobile website and a smooth customer experience for the largest portion of your audience.

Social Media Influence:

Social media is the new reality of 2021. We have come far from the days when the advertisement was only done through brochures, posters, and billboards. Now, it is time to target a larger audience using social media. Consider how many people use different social media websites every day. More than half of the world’s population is active on social media, making it the largest platform for marketing. Hence, it has become a trend that is not going to fade easily in the coming years.

However, trying to gulp down your content through the audience’s throat is not the way. Make content for your marketing that is relevant and intrigues people. Fascinating and interesting things can attract more audiences to your website rather than plain promotions. Make use of this trend and see those sales hyping up like a rocket.

Secure Payment Gateways:

Being an online seller, payment options are key. Online buyers do not trust websites that have unrecognized payment options or have weaker security patches. Currently, users are engaged with some secure platforms like Apply Pay, Samsung, and Paypal. Besides these, simple credit and debit cards are also used for online payments. However, the trend can change anytime with new payment options. Hence, having more choices can help you gather more revenue as different customers have a variety of preferences.

Apart from the above-mentioned payment options, bitcoin is also used on some websites as payment. This new trend can change things drastically. While more people are attracted to this decentralized form of digital currency, it can turn the table around at any time. That is why having a crypto option on your website can work in your favor.

Besides, having multiple options helps customers save transfer fees and taxes that can reduce the purchase expenditure. Hence, it positively affects your sales to go up.


Trends are always made to follow. Keeping your business with the world can help you keep afloat in stormy conditions. If you want to follow the trends, always use professional developers to build your website. Among the USA web development services, Premium Logo Designers has the best team. You can get in touch for your eCommerce website design and development and make things work for yourself.

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