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How To Improve The Mobile Experience On Your E-Commerce Website

Do you want to sell your products online while providing an easy and feasible mobile experience? Do you want to make your website more interactive and intriguing for your customers and acquire more than other e-commerce websites? Then Website Development Services is the only practical solution which could make all of this possible. This could give you an edge over other E-Commerce websites selling the same kind of product as you. Creating a mobile responsive and user-friendly website is essential for a better experience for the customer.

Buying online has increased drastically during the past few years due to Amazon which has invested a lot in creating awareness and satisfaction for consumers buying online. Statistics indicate that more than half of online shoppers shop from their mobile phones as they don’t have access to computers all the time. Recognizing the change in the market and adapting to it is the greatest opportunity one could grab. There are many ways in which you can adapt to the change and make your E-Commerce website attractive and easy to use.

Tips for improving the mobile experience on your E-Commerce websites

Now’s the right time to improve the current customer experience and attract more people to your website. Here are 5 ways in which you can enhance your website and change according to your customer’s needs.

Make a great first impression

“The first impression is the last impression”. This saying has influenced many companies into changing their website prospects and home page. The home page of your website should not have too much information which the reader will most probably not read and just get irritated by it. Your E-Commerce website should just have your brand and mission statements that describe your company’s motto.

Another issue which a lot of consumers face while opening a website is ads. Consider someone who has opened your website to make a quick order. What happens if they encounter different kinds of useless ads popping on their mobile? They will probably skip your site and move to another website after getting annoyed by it. Ads should be placed in the corner occupying less space and must not cover the product description. This shouldn’t be the case for any website as it can hurt your clientele quite heavily.

Frictionless Experience

The experience of the customer should be as smooth as possible. This means that the website should not lag and create a hindrance for the customer. Slow-loading websites are one of the initial problems which a customer will face. If the website is slow and doesn’t respond efficiently, the user will probably shift to your competitor and you’ll lose a potential sale. This could be due to many different issues like a high load of traffic on your website on a festive season, un-optimized images, issues in Java Script, Excessive HTTP Requests, too much flash content, too many ads, and large files(which should be compressed using gZIP).

Easy Accessibility

Easy accessibility is really important on your phone as the customer will not spend much time finding the product he or she requires. All the products on your website should be perfectly categorized and mannerly ordered. The categorization should be visible on the small screen and should be available on a one-click option. There should be subcategories if required with an arrow aligning it. For example, Laptops → Brand → Price → Storage → Ram

Personalize customer transaction experience

Around 84% of users experience difficulty while completing the mobile transaction process which apparently demotivates them to buy the product. The experience could be optimized after a customer selects a product and moves towards the payment process. People fear making a mistake while paying online through their mobile. So you should make the transaction process as simple as possible while providing an easy option of reversal and on card payments on their mobiles. You should add a one-click option for invoice downloading which could be auto-generated instead of mobile customers opting for taking screenshots of the order summary. This could create a mode of trust within the customer.

Cross-channel customer experience and content

This means that if you email an existing or a potential customer about the product they require, you should abide by some factors. Around 81% of people read their emails through their phones so cold emailing is an efficient and formal method of advertising your product to the consumer. The content of the email should be kept formal and direct. It should not be prolonged by excessive information or the consumer will probably skip the email. Excess information should be transferred through links of the website or share a direct link of downloading the app from the play store/app store. This could engage the customer’s interest and show the diversity of the website.

Here are 5 of many more improvements which you could make to enhance the productivity of your website and gain customer satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to create a better shopping experience for your customer just like how Amazon did and was able to gain a massive audience and grow? So stop stressing about it and hire our Website Development Services which will cater to all your needs and make your E-Commerce website competitive and encourage absolute growth.

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